Doing It Simply

You don’t get any extra points when you deliver a complex solution. Most game-winners aren’t complex. The best solutions are laser-focused and straightforward. 

We often think that the more complicated our solution, the better it is. But think about how this translates into real life. Which would you rather use? 

  1. Emacs or Google Docs to write a book 
  2. A jet or a self-driving car to get to work
  3. COBOL or Excel to create a new data-gathering tool for the finance department.

In each example, the first option is a sophisticated and very effective solution. But we don’t need a complex solution; we need something that will work for the purpose we are looking to achieve. 

When you are creating and offering solutions, don’t make people suffer through a complex solution that they don’t quite need. Give them a simple solution that helps them effectively reach their goals. Vincent Van Gogh is quoted as saying, “The great artist is the simplifier.” Be a great artist and give simple solutions that people can use.¬†