Don’t Be An April Fool

Welcome to April 1. There are lots of ways that we can fool ourselves. Today we’ll talk about a few that you should avoid.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have something good to offer when you don’t.

We often get caught in the trap that we love what we are offering so much that we forget to ask other people what they see in this product or service. The reason that we trick ourselves into thinking that our offering is going to change the world is that we are thinking about the best case scenario of how this will benefit us. We think about the way that we are going to make money. We think about the recognition that we will receive. And we think about the social impact that we will make. All of these outcomes are great — for us. What we don’t think about is the way that people will use our product and service. We don’t think about the pain-points that they will fin, or whether it will make their life easier. Don’t dupe yourself into believing that the results that benefit will come to you. Make sure that you are thinking about how your offering will help your customers.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your ideas are crazy when they aren’t.

Sometimes we have ideas that no one has ever thought before. And then we tell someone. And they promptly tell us that we are crazy. It will never work. “No-one else has done that before,” they point out.

What you need to remember is that this idea is crazy to the person that you are talking to. It may even be crazy to yourself if it is a new idea. But it might not be crazy to someone else in the world. You need to find that person. Or those people.

It may also be that this idea is crazy right now. But it might not be crazy in a few months, or a few years. Things seem crazy — until they are normal. Crazy is a computer in every pocket. Crazy is cars that drive themselves. Crazy is being able to look at a picture of any square inch of the world from space while you are sitting in your living room. Your idea might be crazy, but only because it doesn’t feel normal yet to the people who are listening.

Your idea might not be crazy to another group of people, or another time in history. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is a stupid idea.

Don’t fool yourself into being paralyzed by the possibilities.

There are endless possibilities. Don’t be paralyzed by choice. One path might be better than another. But the best road is the one that you take because you are passionate about. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there is a ‘perfect’ path. There will be obstacles in each path; there will be challenges. It is your passion and energy that will bring you through.

Call To Action

Your inoculation against being a fool is to ask other people how you are doing. If you ask and are willing to listen, they will tell you what you need to do. They will tell you where you can improve your offering (there is always somewhere.) They will tell you what would have to change in their lives for your idea to not seem crazy (here is your wedge to opportunity.) They will tell you if you are too scattered, or if you aren’t doubling done on your skills (because they love you.) Connect with people – make sure that you are listening.