Don’t Fake It

When you don’t know the answer – say so. When you can’t give people exactly what you promised, tell them up front. When you think that you aren’t meeting expectations, talk about it.

Today is interesting-fact Saturday, but I didn’t have an interesting point to share with you. I looked and found some fascinating reading on automation and project success, but I didn’t have time to distill these massive reports into a fact or two that would be interesting and helpful to you.

But here’s the interesting lesson: If you aren’t on target, tell people that. People like it when you tell the truth. People aren’t angry when you fall short [most of the time.] Most of the time people want you to succeed and are ready to help you if they knew that you weren’t quite where you wanted to be.

Don’t fake your way through your relationships. Be honest. People care more about you than about your short-comings. But they will be hurt and mad if you lie to them and tell them that everything is ok. They can see right through the lie, and you know that.

Don’t fake it. It’s the best way to live. And that turns out to be an interesting and helpful fact that I am reminded of again.