Don’t Just Stand There Learn Something

Sometimes all of the inputs from the world around us become overwhelming. We may be stuck at the crossroads of a project. Do we move forward towards the completion of this module, or that one? Should we explore the new opportunity that we didn’t see before, or complete the project and have a sub-optimal solution in place more quickly. 

When you get stuck in life and don’t know what you should do next, there is always the best choice: learn something. Take some sort of action that will result in you having more information. What you learn may not be directly related to the problem at hand. It may be about a distant topic that seems completely unconnected. Learning something will benefit you in many ways. 

  1. Learning something is an action step. If you are stuck in limbo for some reason, the action of learning will help you get unstuck. Even if you aren’t learning about your problem, you will benefit from the forward motion that education gives you.
  2. If you learn something, specifically about your problem, you will be better equipped to make the right decisions when you have the chance. If you wait until you have to decide to start to learn, you won’t have time to gather enough information before the decision must be made. 
  3. You might learn that you don’t have to take the action that you thought you needed to. You will save yourself time and energy. 

When you are stuck, don’t continue to be stuck, go out and learn something.