Don’t Know What I Need Today

A good day for me is when I walk into a day when and I know that I don’t have the tools or knowledge to solve the problems that are before me. For many people, this sounds like a scary prospect. For some reason, it gets my blood pumping. 

If I don’t know what I need to know to solve a problem, it indicates that we are walking into a world of opportunity. If I don’t know the answer one of three potential moves might occur: 

  1. I might be about to meet someone who can tell me what the answer is. (Usually, because I search for this person and start asking them questions.) 
  2. I may learn how to solve the problem based on what I read and learn. 
  3. We may be about to solve a problem that people said wasn’t possible to solve. 

To start the day without knowing the answer isn’t a bad thing. It’s when you end the day but haven’t done anything to move yourself an inch forward that you start to feel that you are in trouble. 

If you don’t know you need to know to succeed today: ask someone what the answer is. People who have already solved your problem are willing to help. If someone hasn’t solved your problem, take the opportunity to do something exciting. If you can’t figure it out, keep trying, keep asking, keep learning.