Don’t Walk Away

In life, never walk away from something. If you are going, make sure that you are walking towards something.

We all have lots of times when you want to quit. We have heard the advice that you should fail fast. Failing fast and quitting early ensures that we don’t waste time on work that won’t lead us in the direction that we want to go. While it is essential to quit those things that aren’t working, it is also important to make sure that you are leaving because there is no chance of progression. If you just quit because it is hard or you aren’t seeing forward movement you have abandoned your project for the wrong reasons.

When you decide to quit a project, make sure that you are walking towards something. You might walk towards:

  1. More time to work on other projects
  2. A different opportunity
  3. A world with less stress or effort
  4. A project that has a higher likelihood of success
  5. A chance to sit an stare into space to recharge your creative juices

If you just walk away from something you will find yourself walking towards nothing. When you quit (and you should be quitting things) not walking towards the next thing will mean that the next thing may surprise you, and you won’t know if it is a distraction or the right next thing for you to pursue.

Don’t walk away. Walk towards.