Early Majority

The best place to focus the efforts of a new business is on the early majority. This type of focus will require discipline and nerves of steel.

The Diffusion of Innovation or Technology Adoption Life Cycle shows that about 3% of people will be early adopters of your product. They will try your product because it is new. 13% will be considered early adopters. These people will try the product because it is new, and it has some use in their lives. The Early Majority is the group of people that are ready to buy the product once it has proven itself. The social proof of a the first two groups, plus the understanding that the product can do something helpful for them will inspire this group to buy.

Source: Wikipedia

Most of the time we think that it is most important to sell to the early adopters or even the innovators. It takes discipline to wait until there is an early majority group and focus on them. The innovators will soon run off to the next new thing. The early adopters will be excited by your product for a while, but when you can’t innovate quickly enough, they will also follow the innovators to whatever they have just adopted. By the time a new product or service is at the cusp of the early majority, it has been well-tested, and it will have a body of research as to what works, and what doesn’t. You should be able to implement it based on other models that are working.

It might not be as heart-pumping as choosing an entirely new idea to shake the world. But if you have the chance of benefitting 68% of the market (early majority and late majority), you might consider this to be the right approach. It might not be for everyone, but if it is for you have the discipline to focus on the early majority. Don’t waiver and lose your focus.