We all want things to be easy. But easy doesn’t mean that there isn’t hard work involved.

I know someone who would find it easy to spend a day figuring out complex theoretical physics questions. It would be a day of hard work, but it would come naturally to this person, and it would be refreshing to complete.

For myself, I would find doing theoretical physics hard (in a problematic sense) and hard word. I would be drained working on it.

Other people find it easy to fix computers, or write software, or optimize their computer to help them with their work. But not everyone does.

When you are developing a product, you need to create something easy for the customer. The other day I created some software for a client. I am sure that it will make life easier for them. But unless I make some adjustments, they will never use it. There are two issues: It isn’t easy to use the software, and it is challenging to install the software. Even though it is worth their investment in learning the software, they likely won’t because learning this kind of software isn’t easy for them. It is up to me to make it easy for them, in the way that they understand easy.

We all have different versions of easy and hard. It might be hard for someone and easy for someone else. If you want people to latch onto what you are offering, make sure that it is easy for them in the way that they feel that it is easy.