Establish The Vision For Your Project

Imagine a world where your organization had unlimited time and money. Think of a project that you are working on right now. What would the outcome of the project look like if you didn’t have to worry about going over-budget, or taking up too much time? What change would you make in the world if there were no constraints?


Painting a picture in your mind of the perfect future is casting the vision for that project. Stephen Covey tells us that one of the habits of highly successful people is to start with the end in mind. The same practice is also one of the markers of a project that will succeed. If your project plan begins with the end clearly described, it will be much easier to motivate everyone to complete their part of the project.

Write A Vision Statement For Every Project

Before you plan the project, before you start budgeting time, resources, or money, write a vision statement. The vision statement talks about the best case of what the world looks like once you complete the project. A vision is just beyond achievable but gives you a clear picture of where you are going.

Your vision has four distinct parts:

  1. Who will be different than they are today?
  2. What will be different?
  3. What will people do?
  4. What will people experience?

A vision statement can use this formula:

<Who> <Will Be Different> <Because they do . . .> <And they experience>

Examples Of Project Vision Statements

Here are some examples of project vision statements:

  • A finance system implementation: Managers <who> will spend more time with their employees <difference> because they access real-time financial data <what people do> at their fingertips all the time <what they experience>.
  • A renovation: Clients <who> will feel more welcome <difference> when they come to visit the office <what people do> and have their taxes done while they enjoy a relaxing environment <what they experience.>


Write a vision statement for each of your projects. It will keep you on track, and it will help you clearly define the change that you are making in the world.