Estimate Your Time The Right Way

Here is the formula for estimating your time.

  1. Look at the work to be done.
  2. Be honest with yourself about how long it will take.
  3. Write it down/
  4. Double it.
  5. Put it in a schedule (in your calendar.)
  6. Work on it according to what is on your schedule.

Budgeting your time is very important. When you plan your time for a project, it reduces stress. I also ensures that you are stewardly with the one resource that you have that you cannot get more of: your time.

People often do very poorly at budgeting their time. We run into snags that we didn’t expect. There are parts of the project where people ask for additional features or define supplementary requirements. We are surprised when the project takes longer than we expect.

Creating an honest time estimate can give you a clear understanding of what you mean when you say that you are done. And when you say you are done on time.

Be honest about the amount of time a project will take. Your wishful thinking won’t make it move any faster. But an honest timeline will help you solve problems and secure the resources that you need to do an amazing job.

Estimate your time the right way, and your project will get done the right way also.