Everything Maker and King of the World

When I was a kid, I used to have two recurring pretend games that I would generally play as I was falling asleep. I have a very active imagination, and I needed something to keep myself occupied as I fell asleep.

The two pretend world that I would play regularly was that I was “king of the world,” and I had an everything maker. As “king of the world” I could have anything that I wanted. Did I want a lemon meringue pie? I would ask for it, and one would arrive. Did I want to go to an amusement park? Away I went. As “king of the world,” no one is going to stand in your way.

The helpful tool that I had was an everything maker. An everything maker was a box about half of the size of a toaster. It was covered with buttons, except for a slot at the top. When you pressed the button, it would make the corresponding ‘thing.’ Do I need the Millenium Falcon to fly around in? Press that button and out pops the best space ship ever. Did I need a race car? Fire truck? Bow and arrows? All of these items had buttons.

Being “king of the world” and having any everything maker kept my imagination humming for hours as I tried to fall asleep each night. I could go anywhere, do anything, and anything I needed was available to me.

[As an aside.] As I reflect on the imaginary power I had, I wish I could say that I used my tools for the good of my fellow human beings. I wish I could say that I was using these tools to help people every night. Sometimes I would — I’d press the button on the everything maker to get a batmobile and I’d be off to fight crime. But mostly I was exploring the world and universe, and getting toys and things that I didn’t have in real life.

Dreams Come True

The other day I realized that my childhood daydreams have come true. I have an everything maker, and I am “king of the world.” I am not king in the way that I get to order people around, or that everyone will listen to me. But with the internet, and the longtail of a billion niches, I can be the best person in the world at my niche. I can be an expert in project delivery for non-project managers. I can be number one for helping people deliver their small projects with impact. I am king of the world not because I had to depose anyone else, but because this position was mine for the taking.

I also have an everything maker – I’m using it right now. My computer allows me to do anything that I want to. I can create software to help people get projects done better. I can create software to help people run their home. Everything is becoming software now. Think about the internet of things. I heard a speaker say the other day, “that carpet isn’t internet connected yet” with the confidence that implied that someday it would be. With a computer and the right software, I can build things on a 3d printer or in other manufacturing processes. I could even build a house using software.

You Can Have It Too

Two amazing truths about my childhood dreams coming true:

  1. You can have it too. There isn’t only one “king of the world.” We all can be number one in our segment. And that is good for the world because we have a world of amazing experts on every single topic. You will learn from other queens and kings, but you can be the top expert in your area.
  2. We can use this for the benefit of others. I didn’t use my falling-asleep imagination time to help others, but that is probably because I was 6 and didn’t know the extent of the problems in the world today. I’m older now and have more experience. I can see what struggles people have, and I can help them. More importantly, I know that talking to people is the best way for me to learn about people. I know that I am willing to try to help as I find the right place to help.

Imagination Comes True

Sometimes your childhood daydreams come true. And we’re only at the beginning.