Execution and Delivery

People value the delivery of a project over planning. Everyone would prefer that you execute the tasks that you have committed to over simply talking about them. Finishing is better than starting. If you want people to like your work, get something done.

Completing your project is the reason that you should spend a lot of time planning. Make sure that you have clearly defined the goal that you are trying to achieve. Understand the resources that you have available. Know your timeline and other constraints. Define the requirements or build your prototype in a way that allows people to give feedback on the work that is happening.

Many projects aren’t completed because of poor planning. If you don’t understand the intended outcome of the project, you’ll probably deliver the wrong thing. If you have poorly defined requirements, you’ll find that something is missing. You likely have to make adjustments late in the game. If you aren’t planning for timely delivery, everyone will become frustrated when it takes twice as long as expected.

Everyone is happy with you when you can deliver something. The path to providing quality is proper planning and flexible execution. Executing the plan is your secret sauce. Delivering what you promised is the key to everyone’s heart.