Extraordinary Commitment To You

[This post is a little long and ramble-y. This is because I recorded it using Google voice typing. Apparently, I ramble a lot when I talk.]

The Goal – Starting With Why

We want to start a business that is structured in a way that ensures that the focus of all of our work is to provide value to customers. We aren’t trading transactions for dollars. We want to give the customer so much value every year that they are happy to pay for the next year of service. The motivation for us to provide maximum value is that if the customer isn’t happy, you won’t renew your subscription. If we don’t make you happy this year, we won’t be in business next year.

How To Give Value

I want to start a business that is structured in such a way that it provides an extraordinary commitment to the customer. Here’s one way to do it: Have a subscription service that offers exceptional value to people every day, all the time. When people sign up for the subscription service, they pay a yearly fee. The annual fee is described in such a way that you can see what the monthly cost is for you, even though you pay once a year. The fee gets paid once a year before January 1. As a business, the payment of the yearly subscription means that we know how much revenue there is in the year that can be used to provide good value to customers

When a customer signs up part way through the year, they pay for the months from when they sign up until December 31. Customers then pay for the entire following year just like everyone else. When a customer pays for the year, there are no cancellations or refunds part-way through the year. Having a no-cancellation policy makes the commitment on both sides stronger. We also want to make sure that the service is right for you. We would never want to take advantage of people, so there is a 10 day full refund period if the service doesn’t turn out to be precisely what they expected.

The Result of Yearly Subscriptions

The commitment on the company’s side is that in the year they will continue they will know exactly how much money they have to spend on providing something that the customer really really want. The goal throughout the year is to make sure that they’re producing enough of what the customers really want so that the following year it will be a no-brainer that they would sign up for the service again. The revenue from those people who are signing up in the middle of the year won’t even really be considered as an investment until the following year. What we are doing for new customers is to provide the content that the veteran customers are already using and finding helpful. The once-a-year payment approach takes the focus away from acquiring customers to making sure that we are really really giving value to the customers that are there so that they will be returning customers in the following year.

So what this really does, in the end, is it enables us, on January 1st, to know how much money we have to spend to provide value to you. Our goal is to spend as much as I’ve got money as possible on giving you value because you paid for it. The metric isn’t how much money are we going to make, or how many new customers are we getting. The metric that we end up with is how many times are people visiting how long are they spending within the site. We also have to find ways to confirm that we are providing value. Once we have a ‘maximum-value-delivery’ focus, we will have an entire company that just concentrated on being good for people. New customers will come along, absolutely. We won’t focus on those people in the first year, rather it is the core customers those new people will just like it because of the value that we’re providing you: to the core customers.

The Extraordinary Commitment To You

The extraordinary commitment to you is that you are getting a service that you is so helpful that you are willing to sign up for the next year. The company will be driven by helpfulness and commitment to you as a customer. We will structure the company in such a way that our metrics reward us when you are benefiting.

What I Hope

I hope this works. I hope that there is a way that we can make a company that can focus solely on helping people. I hope that I can be helpful to people.

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