Fast, Or By Committee

By Committee Benefits:

  • You think through issues from all the possible perspectives
  • You have a collective responsibility for the success of the work
  • As an average, you might be smarter than each of you on your own
  • You can leverage personal networks, individual strengths, and broad history of experience
  • There is greater strength in numbers.

Moving Fast Benefits:

  • You can try multiple solutions to a problem in a short time
  • You can pivot quickly 
  • All your energy is focused on listening to, and communicating with, the stakeholders receiving the project result
  • You can respond to feedback immediately. 

Is managing a project by committee or individually better? It depends on the project. 

Most of the time, you are best off if you can have a committee that is willing to move fast. A fast-moving committee is rare, but it where you are going to find your greatest project success.