Finish One Thing

When things get busy, we can be overwhelmed with the decision of what we should do next. If you are having trouble figuring out what is next, just finish one thing.

Start working on a task or project and don’t stop until it is complete. You might get into it and realize that it is much more work than you expected. You might have a nagging feeling that this one thing isn’t the most important thing to be working on. Stick with it. Make sure that you finish it.

The act of finishing will give you several benefits:

  1. You will get a dopamine hit. This feel-good rush will help you be ready for the next task. []
  2. You have one less task on your list. This item no longer is an anchor on your task-list that you have to think about. You don’t have to put any more time into organizing around it or trying to ignore it.
  3. If it were the wrong task to work on (for example if it was trivial or too much work), you would have learned from the experience. Holding yourself accountable for your decision to choose a task and finish it will give you the incentive to think carefully about the next task that you are going to take on.

What Is Important

It doesn’t matter how long your task list is.

It doesn’t even matter how many tasks you completed.

What is most important is the work that is completed that created a benefit for someone else. Half-finished tasks don’t have an impact and don’t create a complete benefit.

Start a task, finish a task. It is good for you, and the people who you are delivering to.