Finishing A Book

Do you know what a great feeling is? When you finish reading a book.

Getting to the end of the book represents a commitment that you have seen through. It signifies a change in your life. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, reading a book will change you in some way. Finishing that book means that you have taken the complete journey that the author invited you on.

Finishing a project is like finishing a book. There is a sense of accomplishment, and you have released some change into the world.

Don’t be fooled: some people think only half-reading a book is enough. There is a time for this (never read a book that doesn’t add value, just because you have gotten half-way through.) Half-reading a book, or half-finishing a project may bring some change or benefit, but it isn’t enough. Only getting half-way through means that you never took all the risks needed to try to achieve the most significant change possible.

So settle in and enjoy your book today. Your reading brings you a step closer to another finished book. It is in finishing that you make the greatest change. Happy finishing.