Focus Your Work

What if you had a chance to change the world for someone, would you take it? What if there were two people who you had to choose between, but you could only radically change one person’s life: What would you do?

Most of us would be paralyzed. We would try to help one person, and then the other, and then the first. And in the end, we probably wouldn’t do an outstanding job for either person.

Whether you are answering service calls, completing project work, or organizing a strategic plan, don’t water down your effectiveness. Focus on one person, or group, that you can help. Give them your full attention, complete the work, and move on.

A field medic isn’t rewarded for half-saving 30 soldiers. The purpose is to keep people fully alive. They do this by caring for and stabilizing one person and then moving on to the next. Take the same approach to your work. Don’t leave the necessary work dangling. Make sure that you tie up loose ends, and then move onto the next essential task.