Frictionless Engagement

The question on the table today: What would help non-profit agencies take advantage of skills and knowledge that could help them take their organization to the next level?

My hypothesis

Organizations must be able to engage consultants in a frictionless way.

As non-profit organizations, we often don’t tap into the expertise that we need to because of the possible risks, or it seems like too much work. We don’t want to hire a consultant, because they have to learn our business and complete a specific project. Even though consultants share good ideas, organizations don’t always have the momentum to implement the work once it is complete. And sometimes, there are just too many rules that present a barrier to hiring consultants.

But what if there were a stream of knowledge, work, and expertise that you could turn on and off like water or electricity. When you needed to power a particular project, you would turn it on. When you finished, you threw the switch again.

Organizations would take advantage of a one-click purchase of the specific skills and results that we need from a consultant. The no-risk approach where they would pay for the work that they receive, and stop anytime would help with managing budgets and drive organizations to purchase results, not consulting services.

I don’t know how we can make this happen, but I would buy simple-to-purchase, risk-free consulting. It wouldn’t have to be cheap, and it would have to be useful, but an easy way to engage more brainpower: that would be valuable to me.