Frustration At The Gap

The gap between what you are currently delivering and what you want to be able to deliver can be very frustrating. It can be disheartening to know that people are expecting so much more, and you aren’t producing. Despite feeling bad about not living up to expectations being frustrated by the gap can be an excellent driver.

Have you ever watched a youngster just before they learned to walk? They might try to stand up, or they might be trying to reach something. They know that walking around would make life easier, they can see everyone around them doing it. But they can’t get their feet under them. They can’t stay up. Sometimes kids get frustrated, and sometimes they get mad. And sometimes they become quiet and more determined. Despite the emotion that they are feeling, most kids learn to walk. They get over their frustration at the gap by closing the gap.

We need to do the same thing. If there is a gap in your life, focus on the deficit. Get mad, cry, get determined, but keep moving forward. Fix your approach.

Use your frustration as a driver. When the gap doesn’t seem like an issue anymore, then you have given up or solved the problem. Frustration means you still care that it is a problem. Keep on caring, be frustrated, and keep reaching until you grow a little bit more and can take your first steps.