Get Help

I know a solopreneur who builds excellent products but can’t seem to get any traction. He just doesn’t know how to get his products in front of people in a meaningful way. 

This person is trying hard to learn how to tell the story of the work that he is doing for others, but everything he does seems to fizzle. The problem is not the product – when someone engages with what he does, they respond very well. The problem is getting people to engage. 

The solution for this person is easy and hard at the same time. Get Help. 

Find someone who has succeeded in doing what you want, and then pay them to help. You pay to have your toilet replaced (at least I do) or your roof re-done (I bet most of you do.) And you can do the same thing when your marketing is broken. (Or your project planning, or your app development.) 

At first, be careful about the people you hire. You don’t want a plumber to show up and only give you instructions on how to replace the toilet. You are hiring the plumber to install the toilet. When the job is done, the toilet had better be installed and working. Similarly, when you get help from someone – make sure that they will bring a result, not merely put in the work. There is a time for learning the skills (if you want), but you don’t have to know everything to benefit from it. 

In your projects, you might feel like my friend. You might feel that you have to learn or do everything. Your job as a project leader is not to be an expert in everything, but to find the right people who are experts in their own areas. 

Use the skills around you. It honours your own contribution because you aren’t over-stretching. It honours other people’s skills because you aren’t doing what they could be doing. And it honours the end-user because they get a better product because of it.