Get It Done [Part 2]

Yesterday I talked about dealing with your most difficult tasks first. By dealing with these tasks you relieve the pain of avoiding, worrying, and procrastinating on the work.

I was had a feeling a of discomfort as I wrote yesterday’s post because I didn’t address one important concept: “Don’t spend all of your time doing things that are outside of your core passion.”

In all of our lives there are things that we are drawn towards naturally, and those things that we would prefer to never do again. Even if you are very good at something, you may not enjoy doing it. It may not engage your imagination, or it might not be something that makes grow. That is why it is important to:

  1. Understand who you are, and what motivates you.
  2. Spend your time growing as much as possible.
  3. Don’t ignore the stuff that is hard and outside of your passion.

First of all – Understand who you are. Knowing what you like and don’t like is important. Knowing that you love meeting new people, or that you would prefer to sit in a quiet room producing code that calculates a very specific variable in industrial finance actuarial tables is important to know so that you can steer yourself towards these passions.

Spend your time growing as much as possible. Once you know your passion, spend time learning about it. Grow in it. Become as much of an expert as you can in it.

Don’t ignore the stuff that is hard and outside of your passion. Make sure that you are still doing the hard tasks that we discussed yesterday. This is where you are going to be exposed to discovering new things that you are excited about. If you only do the things that you like, you will never be challenged to figure out how things fit together. Trying new things also helps you find ideas that fit into what you are currently good at.

In summary: grow in your passion, and don’t forget to do the hard work. Both within your passion, and outside of what you love.

Original Post: Get It Done – Published on November 21, 2018