Get It Done

“Ain’t no use in compainin’,

when you’ve got a job to do”

Summer of ’69 – Written by Bryan Adams

Sometimes you just have to get it done. We spend a lot of time and energy avoiding the things that we really don’t want to do. There are things that seem like a lot of extra work, or are uncomfortable to us. We prefer to stick with the things that we know and are familiar. We figure that if we get a big pile of work out of the way, we will have extra time and energy to devote to the really hard stuff. You will never have enough time for the things that are hard for you to do, unless you do them first.

When you have a task that you aren’t don’t like, your natural tendency will be to avoid it. This is the basis for many businesses. Customers are willing to make purchases because what they get back will be a pain reliever. You buy food at the grocery store because it relieves the pain of hunger. You buy a car because it relieves the pain of having to walk, or getting everywhere late. (Another foundation of business is the offering of gain creators, we won’t talk about that here.) Avoiding the pain of an un-enjoyable task naturally relieves the pain. For a while. If you aren’t doing the task, you aren’t feeling the pain of doing it. Pain could come in the form of boredom, feeling incompetent, being placed in a situation that you aren’t natural in (eg. public speaking), or any other area that isn’t in your specific gifts and talents.

There is another way that you can relieve the pain of a task that you don’t want to do. Just get it done. Unless there is a good possibility that not doing the task won’t change anything in the world, you might as well jump right in and relieve the pain for yourself. Once you are done the difficult task, the only thing that will be left on your list are the tasks that you find easy and engaging. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this task will magically go away by not doing it. It won’t. And if it does it will be because the task, or your job, has been given to someone else. Take charge of your work, do the hard things first, and you’ll find that what is left are the easy things that you can easily.