Gift Of Done

Anything valuable that you do will make you want to quit at some point. If it’s worth doing, then it’s probably not easy to do.

What makes something valuable is the fact that it isn’t easy to achieve or acquire. Precious rocks are valuable because it takes a lot of time and effort to get them. A new piece of software is valuable because it provides functions that no one has delivered before (hopefully.) Water is valuable in a desert because it is so scarce. Water near the great lakes doesn’t have the same high value because it is so plentiful and easy to access.

If you start a project, there is always the “I-want-to-quit” moment. It will come when you are almost ready to make the final push to success. A terrible as this moment feels to you; it isn’t a problem that is unique to you. Most people quit at this point.

The reason that the results of your project are so valuable is that you will finish it. Completing something is the rare and valuable outcome that you will deliver that many others can’t. If you finish, you are different than most people.

Be valuable to those for whom you are completing projects. Finish the project, don’t quit when it gets difficult.

Finishing is a valuable gift that is hard to achieve. Give the gift of being done.