Give More Than Anyone Expects

We have a realtor who is looking out for us.

Every realtor wants to tell people that they are looking out for the best interest of their customers. But I wonder how many people feel confident that their realtor is looking out for them.

How do I know that our realtor is looking out for us? Because they (it is a husband and wife team) do much more than sell homes. They have cultivated a group of professionals who they will recommend if you need work done on your house. They will offer you advice on different house problems you have (e.g. Is it time to get a roof? What do I do about this hole in the basement floor?) They are so concerned that their customers are taken care of that ask for feedback on the people that they recommend. If one contractor is no longer meeting their standard, they won’t suggest that company anymore.

How can I be sure that our realtor isn’t just providing ‘value-added service’ so that they can get the next sale? We bought our house 11 years ago. And I know that I could call or email our realtor today and they would be happy to give us advice.

Our realtor has a long view of their business. They have gotten the commission from the sale of the house 11 years ago. But because they make sure that they only recommend high-quality contractors. They want to make sure people are taken advantage of, so they get feedback on the work. They want to make sure that people enjoy their house as much as possible.

And what is the result? If I ever need to repurchase a house, I will go to this realtor. Any time I hear of someone who is buying a house, I recommend this realtor. When I think of the gold standard of how I expect to be treated by other realtors (for example in a work situation), I think of them.

I could talk about their 30 years of industry experience, the fact that they are qualified to be home inspectors, the fact that they have sold hundreds or thousands of homes in this area. But those are just features. I can get similar characteristics in a realtor elsewhere.

What our realtor gives is the fact that he genuinely cares that we have a good house in which to live. He cares for our day-to-day life. And that is why he is good.

The Lesson

  1. Take care of your customer because you care about their success.
  2. When you are taking care of your customer, demand that anyone or anything you recommend gives the same level of quality that you would require from yourself. (It doesn’t have to all be platinum plated, but people should know that you only recommend work or products that are at the same standard as you give. )
  3. Know your craft. You still have to be good at what you do, but just being good at what you do isn’t enough to take care of your customers.

We have a realtor who is looking out for us. I hope that people can say the same thing about my work.