Give Up

You can always choose that alternative option: Give Up.

When Not To Give Up

Don’t give up because things are hard. When your path is hard, it means that you have a competitive advantage. It might be hard for you, but it is probably harder for someone else. If you feel like giving up, that is probably the same point that everyone else feels like giving up. If you are the one who persists, you will have done something that no-one else is willing to do.

Don’t give up because people tell you that they don’t like the change you are trying to make. If someone cares enough to comments, you have garnered an emotional reaction. Maybe you have touched on on a fear or a status quo that someone doesn’t want to be changed. You don’t hear people comment on things that aren’t a threat to them in some way. Sadly, when people genuinely don’t care, they generally will ignore you completely.

Don’t give up because you ran out of energy. If you are digging for gold, you might be one shovel-full away from the mother lode. If you are out of energy, find a way to get energized and keep on going.

When To Give Up

Give up when the cost outweighs the envisioned benefit. If the vein of gold isn’t going to support you, then maybe it is time to stop digging and find something else to mine for.

Give up when you realize that the change you are trying to make isn’t going to create a benefit but might create harm. (Some social media platforms are coming to this realization.)

Give up when there is no future possibility of change. When the foundations are solidified, you need to give up on laying foundations and find another way to make a change.

Give up to make room for a bigger vision. Sometimes you can’t achieve making a more significant change in the world unless you make room for it. That is the time to give something up.

Don’t give up at the wrong time. Do give up when it is time.