Good Customer Service

How to give good customer service? 

When you are doing a project, delivering a speech, or providing a service, everyone talks about giving the customer a great experience. The problem is, actually giving the customer excellent service can be very hard to measure. If you are a dentist who specializes in root canals, you might think that you are giving fantastic customer service because your patients are always grateful when they leave. The customer might be grateful because their tooth no longer hurts, but the experience of waiting three weeks for the appointment, and starting the appointment 40 minutes late might be horrendous. The customer is simply happy to have a bad ordeal behind them; they don’t look back at this as a good customer experience. 

Here are a couple of rules when thinking about customer service: 

  1. Focus on the customer. Find out what they are trying to accomplish. Listen to what they like and don’t like. And then try to deliver exactly what they are asking for. 
  2. Know what you can deliver. Being clear on what you can provide, and what is not part of your service offering or project is very important. If you know what you are going to deliver ahead of time, it will shape your conversations with the customer. 
  3. Focus on the customer. It is your job to give the customer what they want. If you want them to have a good experience, you need to find ways to deliver that. 

Give your customers excellent service, and they will be happy to return to you over and over again.