Half Way To Vacation

Imagine that you are going on vacation. You get everything ready, spending the morning packing your car, and lock the front door as you leave. You are taking a week to relax at a cottage that you have rented that overlooks a gorgeous lake. You plan to sleep in some days, and on other days you hope to get up early enough to watch the sunrise as you are sipping coffee and looking out across the wisps of mist that are rising from the lake. You plan to boat, read, have campfires, hike, and swim at the beach. It is going to be an amazing and restful vacation.

You start on your ten-hour drive brimming with excitement. You have needed this vacation for a long time. About seven hours into your trip, you aren’t quite as excited about your holiday as you were when you left. So when you pull into a gas station at a small town you are passing through, you are interested in what the attendant has to say. When you tell them you are going on vacation at the lake, the attendant explains that there are a lot of mosquitos and black flies at that lake at this time of the year. And even though you can have a campfire, you have to be extra careful because there is a medium-level fire-warning. The attendant also explains that there have been several bears sited in that area earlier this year. So if you are up early in the morning, or going for a hike, you should take bear spray with you.

Then the attendant makes a suggestion. There is a hotel in town here that looks out across a human-made lake that they recently built. You could do everything you wanted to do on vacation here, with less trouble and without the pain of driving another three hours. You decide that this is a good idea, and so you settle in for the weeklong vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Half Way To Project Completion

As ridiculous as this scenario seems, it is the approach that people take to projects all of the time. You start with a vision for the project. We understand the benefits, and we can see the change that this work will make in the world. We have everything planned, and you set out to make a significant impact. But then after a long hard slog, you aren’t at our goal yet. You know rationally that we still have some road to travel, but you are tired of the fact that we haven’t gotten there yet.

So when someone starts telling you about some of the potential issues with your chosen result, you begin to worry that you have selected the wrong destination. And when someone offers an alternative solution that you can experience right now, we settle for it.

We will never know whether the benefit of the original project plan would be worth it. We never know if we will be eaten by a bear, feel limited by fire bans, or suffer black fly bites. Our fears limit us, and we stop moving towards the goal. The truth is, it is possible that none of these obstacles would be an issue for us. Or the benefit of the beautiful mornings and relaxing evenings far outweigh any concerns that we have to protect ourselves against.

This blog is to help you make sure that you to your project destination. I don’t want you to settle for something along the way. I want you to be able to make the change that you intend to in the world. Stopping part-way means a partial impact. It’s not bad. You might even move the needle a little if you stop part-way. But I want you to make it all of the way. Get your project done. Make the change in the world that you want to make. Create the impact that you set out to produce.