Hard Things To Do

Make a list of the difficult tasks facing you. These are the tasks that you should focus on first this week. In a previous post, I’ve written about how anything is possible, but it will be hard. I’ve also written about how doing the hard thing first builds a foundation for difficult-to-achieve results.

A simple tool that can help you conquer the mountains in front of you is to list the work that you perceive will be difficult simply. You can do this on a sheet of paper that you refer back to every morning. The key to listing your hard things to do is: 

  1. Don’t filter your list on whether you will be able to get this work done in any reasonable amount of time. Just write down the most challenging work that faces you. 
  2. Don’t write down work that you ‘wish’ you can do. Write down the tasks that you MUST do and are hard for you. There is a difference between wanting to get your MBA and going to get your MBA. One option seems hard because there are mental barriers that you must get past; the latter is hard because you must work on it. 
  3. Don’t write down work that is easy for you, but will require work. Filling a hayloft isn’t hard for a farmer; it is simply hard work. Use this list to write down the work that is difficult for you; that is what you need to address. 

A Tool That You Can Use

I’ve created a tool that you can use to list your Hard Things To Do. List out the hard things that are facing you this week. Start to work on one and conquer it, then create a new list. 

Do the difficult jobs, and you will see exceptional results.

Click Here to download the Hard Things To Do template.