Hard Work

It will be hard work.

Whatever you want with all of your heart, it’s going to feel like a chore.

It won’t be your passion that gets you through. Your passion will dry up in the desert sun. You will slowly become dehydrated of your passion as the sun rises higher. No matter how full you were when it started, the passion dries ou tin the sun.

It won’t be a vision that will cause you to succeed. You can picture that last mile all that you want; it doesn’t change that you are only at mile 50 of 200.

Your success will be based on your ability to work hard. You absolutely need passion and vision – you would never get started on the impossible without either of these. But to finish, you will need to put one foot in front of another. Long after the last bit of passion has drained out of you. Long after you can no longer remember what your vision was. Success will come when you lift one foot, then the other.

You don’t finish a marathon on hope, vision, or passion alone. You win because you have the stamina to get to the finish line. And you don’t quit.

The same is true in any project you undertake. You won’t win because of your passion or vision (but you do need these.) You will win because you keep moving forward long after your competition has quit. You can do this. Take your next step — one foot, then the other.