Hard Work

Hard work is important. It is one of the things that will help you succeed.

You aren’t guaranteed to succeed with only hard work, but you shouldn’t think for a second that anyone succeeds without hard work.

If someone tells you that you can succeed without hard work, ask yourself why everyone isn’t doing it. It is easy to sign up for Facebook so everyone can do it. It is easy to have an email account, so everyone has an email address. It isn’t hard to have a web-page that advertises your business. So lots of people have side-hustles. But it isn’t easy to make a full-time living from your business. That requires hard work.

It isn’t the kind of work that you might do for the boss who pays you a salary. Having a business means that a lot of your work you don’t get paid for. If you own a restaurant, you don’t get paid extra to wash dishes. You don’t get paid extra because you were there an hour after closing vacuuming the place. These tasks are hard work. And the payment isn’t the money that you get for doing the hard work. For your hard work, you get very little. Most of the time, you are just earning the chance to play another day.

You work hard because you can see the possibilities in the future. You know what could happen if you keep plugging away. The reward of moving towards hope is enough to keep you working hard.

Hard work is a prerequisite to success, but it isn’t a guarantee of success.