Help For Unexpected Project Managers

Any time you run a project you need to make sure that you understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Having a clear goal means defining the audience of who will have a benefit, and who won’t. I’ve been thinking about how I can help you deliver your projects better. With an audacious goal of no unfinished projects, I have been thinking about who should consider what you can use from this site, and who shouldn’t.

First, let’s remind ourselves about what a project is: a project is a non-routine piece of work that you do for a limited amount of time, that has a specific goal. A project could be creating a website, implementing new accounting software, or building a house.

Some people set out to be project managers in the same way that some people set out to be accountants. Managing a project is about making sure that you get to your goal within the limited time you have. The key skills of a project manager are the ability to listen, organize people (and other resources) to work towards a goal, and high EQ.

Many of you have to manage projects, but you never wanted to be a project manager. You had other aspirations. You have skills and passions that you want to use to contribute and make an impact in this world. FortyFour-Three’s project offerings are for you.

Who Is In

FortyFour-Three offerings are for people who did not set out to be a project manager, but who have come into the role because some aspect of their work is project-based and they need to deliver the project. This includes:

  • First-time project managers
  • Employees who are an expert in an area and are asked to run a project related to that area
  • Business managers who also must manage a project to get something done
  • People who are working solo, including soloprenuers and freelancers.

Who Won’t Find What They Need

FortyFour-Three won’t focus on making offerings for professional project managers. You are welcome to use and share what you need, but you might find that other resources might fit you better. What is more, I hope that you would join our community to contribute your skill and experience to the conversation. But if you are looking for a place that will give you educational credits, or provide the complex training that other providers offer, there are probably better places for you to get what you need.

In Short

At FortyFour-Three we want to make sure that your projects are done on time. If you are a professional project manager or have a professional project manager working for you, then you have a good chance of meeting this goal. We want to help you if you aren’t a professional project manager and you still need to get your projects done on time.