How Might We?

It might be time to make a big change in the world. Don’t stop and think about all of the things that are preventing you from making that change. Ask yourself the question, ‘How might we?’ And then plan from there.

There are three keys to using ‘how might we?’ well.

  1. Don’t think about what you currently have.
    The question is not ‘how can we?’ it is ‘how might we?’ If we needed to solve the problem what is one way that we might fix things? If we need to get to Mars, one way might be to build your own rocket ship. Another would be to hitchhike on someone else’s ship. Or you could catch a ride on a passing asteroid heading that way. I can’t do any of these, but I already have three ideas of how I might get to Mars. Now I need to know which one of the ideas I am committed to pursuing.
  2. Your first idea shouldn’t be your only idea.
    Don’t stop thinking after just one idea. Don’t think that your first idea is the best idea. If you only have one idea, it probably is a bad one.
  3. Select one piece of what you can do, and execute it.
    Once you have generated a list of actions that might get you to where you want to go, choose one of the ideas and execute it. It might not get you all the way to where you are going, but you will learn something for the next stage.

Dream, consider many options and execute. Three robust rules for life. Three good ways to approach a problem that you want to know ‘how we might?’