How To Be Effective

Measurement and Action

  1. Quantify the level of pain.
  2. Determine the best tool to reduce the pain. 
  3. Reduce the pain. Measure how things are better. 
  4. Repeat.

Example-Project Management

  1. In our (fictional) organization: 9 out of 10 projects that we deliver are late. (Be sure that this is true – start to measure.)
  2. You can choose:
    1. Project Management personnel
    2. Better planning
    3. Fewer projects
    4. Double every expected project schedule
  3. If you chose: Project Management Personel. They now take responsibility for all of the project planning and task coordination. After a set time, ask yourself: are there more projects delivered on time? 
  4. Repeat: find the next pain-point and start measuring again. 

Measure, act, measure improvement, repeat.