How to Gain Your Project Superpower

Your new superpower will be to deliver your completed projects on time. You are working to have every project done on time. The super-skill that will get you there is honesty.

As a reminder, here is how Done On Time works:

  1. Your project gets delivered on time according to the project plan.
  2. This project provides the results promised, as defined in the business case that sparked the project.

Like every superhero, you have a weakness that will kill any chance of success. The weakness is skepticism.

It is tough to believe that doing work up front will increase your chance of success for the project. And the skepticism makes sense, if you are working on a project, you want to jump in and get it done. And even when you do have a project plan, many projects fail because something unexpected happens and the project gets off course.

There is an antidote to your kryptonite. You can overpower your skepticism with a simple trait: honesty.

If you want your project to succeed you need to be honest about the amount of time that it is going to take to create something new. You must be honest about the time that it will take to test and refine your work. And you must also be realistic about the other pressures that you will feel. Put this all into your project plan. But don’t let your honesty stop there.

Once you have your project plan, be honest about your progress. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you will make up time later in the project when you have missed a few deadlines up front. Don’t tell yourself that we are ‘just in the design stage.’ Don’t believe that the actual development phase goes more quickly and that you will save time there.

Your superpower is finishing on time. Your secret strength is honesty. If you find out that you are wrong about your project plan, own it. If you are consistent in your approach, you will learn from it and do better next time.