How to Get Over Stage Fright

[Tutorial Tuesday]

Rehearse in your mind beforehand.
Picture exactly what it will be like.
Walk out with confidence.
Don’t be scared of silence.
Don’t get bored or distracted.
Remember that if you don’t lead in the way that you are prepared to, no-one else will.
If you don’t lead, someone else might try to. But they won’t be you.
Don’t try to get over stage fright; don’t even try to deny it.
Take the first step out.
Then take another step.
You don’t have to be an amazing orator.
You only need to make it to the mike.
And then execute what you have rehearsed.

How to get over stage fright: deliver your message from the stage.
Then walk off the stage.
When your message is over, your stage fright will be over.
The only way to get over it is to finish your message.

Eventually, you might get to a place where you don’t get stage fright when you speak in front of people. But then you won’t have to get over it (because you don’t have it.)

How to get over stage fright: action.
You can’t cure stage fright, but you don’t have to let it cripple you.