How Was Your Day?

How was your day? You should know the answer that every one of your project team members would give. As a project leader, you must know the emotional state of your team. You need to know when they are struggling, and when they have had an amazing success.

How To Find Out

How can you find out how people’s days went? If you have a large project team, you won’t be able to ask them directly every day. If you have a distributed team, you might not even be at work at the same time. There are still indicators that you can look for.

If a team had expected to achieve a milestone, but you don’t see the entry on the project plan – maybe they are having a bad day. If you expected to see an appointment for the kickoff for phase 2, someone might be putting out fires elsewhere. If you hear from a customer that the project team hasn’t connected with them for four weeks, it sounds like the team is avoiding a hard conversation.

If you wanted to get more details, you could ask your teams to give a rating of their day when they fill out their timesheets. (This only works if they fill out their timesheets in real-time.)

What To Do With The Information

If you are going to ask the question, “How was your day?” you have to be willing to respond. If the people delivering a project are consistently having bad days, you need to explore how you can raise morale. If everyone has good days regularly, find out why this is, and replicate it in other projects. Overall, you should care about the answer if you are going to ask the question.

How was your day? It matters to me.