When you are hungry for something, nothing else matters, sometimes you get so hungry that you can’t think of anything else. You can’t concentrate on the conversations around you. You aren’t even sure that you are going to be able to keep your emotions in check if something happens to annoy you. Being hungry drives you forward until you find food.

The same thing is true when we have a hunger to fulfil a need in this world. When are working on a project that can move the world you have a craving to get it done. Nothing will get in your way until you are satisfied. Your passion and focus are tied up in being fulfilled.

There are two problems with operating just from a hunger stance:

  1. Often once you reach a moderate level of satiation, you don’t have as strong of a drive to achieve your goal. If you are ridiculously hungry and you have a sandwich, you may not be full, but you probably won’t be driven with the same desperation to find a filling meal.
  2. You only feel your hunger. Being vicariously hungry is tough. Our lack of empathy is why there are so many hungry people in the world today. If we honestly felt the hunger in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan, we would attack the problem with the same energy that we go to find something to fill our stomach.

These problems are mirrored in a life or business example of being hungry for a result.

  1. Once you reach a moderate level of success your drive to crush the problem dries up. You don’t have the same hunger any more because you have some of your needs met. The same force that you once had to conquer the world isn’t there, because you don’t need success as much. This can lead to a mediocre life.
  2. Since it is hard to be empathetic to another person’s hunger, you don’t always fully understand what is propelling them forward. And you can miss an opportunity to help someone because you don’t know how they are hurting or what they need.

Be hungry for results. Stay hungry even when you find some success. Feel other people’s hunger. Find a way to meet other people’s needs. Do this, and you will indeed make a difference in the world.