I Don’t Need Your Permission

My goal is to help you work better.
I want to help you do the work that you are uniquely gifted to do.
I hope that I can help you to get your projects done on time.

But I don’t need your permission to offer to help.

I was reflecting on my life pattern so far. Much of it has been a tension between asking permission, and just doing it. A synonym for permission is “approval.” I have many ideas by which I try to inspire people to act. The ideas that work best are the ones where I don’t get pre-approved. I offer something that people really, really need. And then let people take the offering if they want.

If you are really thirsty, I don’t need permission to offer you a glass of water. I don’t need permission to try to help you.

I also know that I don’t have automatic permission to hound you if you choose not to drink the water. I don’t have the authority to tell you that you haven’t hydrated enough.

No rule says that someone else has to permit me to offer you help where I can. I can offer, you can choose to accept or not. That’s liberating.