I Have No Idea

I have no idea how I will turn what I do with FortyFour-Three into a revenue stream.

I have been blogging daily for just over a month now. I intend to continue blogging daily throughout 2019 as I have mentioned before. The point of my blog is to help a group start a conversation. I want us to talk about the projects that we are doing. I hope that we can share what is working well, and what stinks about what we are doing. I want to have a conversation with a huge group of people. And I want people to have access to as much free advice as they can get. So I licensed my public content under the CC0 license. Now I need to figure out what a good revenue stream is.

The logical question is of course: “why do you need to make money?” My first paragraph of this blog is all about the ways that people can be part of the community, and start managing their projects better without having to pay a thing. You might also wonder to yourself whether I am suddenly going to start some seedy manipulation or sales approach targeting those who visit the page or read the blog.

There will be no seedy sales techniques unless I make a mistake. Then I hope that people tell me what I am doing doesn’t make them feel comfortable – and I will stop. There will be no high-pressure sales, or tricks to get your credit card information so that I can charge you for minimal value every month. I don’t want to trick or pressure anyone into giving me money.

But make no mistake: I do want to earn revenue from my real-world MBA.

Not because I want to get extremely rich. Not because I want to be able to post videos of my two million dollar house. Not even because I need to feed my family (I have a job that pays me to work full-time. That helps with the bills.)

I plan to make money from the work that I am doing to get people to deliver good projects that change the world. Because if I make money, I can use that money to multiply the effect of what I do. If I had extra time to build better tools for people, you could have more impact on the world. If I could provide you with tools or insights into being successful in your projects, you would be able to change the world more consistently.

In short, I want to give away everything I can. And I need to fund my ability to give work away. How am I going to do this? I have no idea.

[Tomorrow I’ll blog about one way I am NOT going to do this.]