I Help People Finish Their Projects

In the film Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear plays a game as they are travelling. The game is called “Say What You See.” The premise is simple: when you see something, you say what it is. “Tree”, “Car”, “Red Barn”, etc.

When working on projects, or in our business, we often can get caught up in trying to present ourselves well. We think that we need to dress up our work so that people will believe that you are someone more important or better than we are.

Sometimes we need to play a game like “Say What You See” when we talk about what we do. I could talk about how my work helps people achieve their outcomes so that they can accomplish their organization’s mission. I could also talk about how I create automation that helps employees in the work that they do. Both statements are true.

I help people finish their projects. If you want help finishing your project, I’m the person who can help. I can do this by helping you create project plans, addressing risk, defining your outcomes, monitoring and controlling your project’s progress, managing stakeholders, and gathering requirements. I do all of these things. But those are the details. What I do is to help people finish their projects.

What is your simple sentence that explains what you do?

Do you need someone to help you finish your project?