I Like Being an Introvert – It’s Good For Business

I am an introvert. And I am proud of how my disposition is strength in running a business. It may seem that introversion can impede being in business since any transaction is a conversation and a relationship. There are many strengths that introversion brings to the conversation. Here are a few reasons:

When I talk to you, I really want to talk to you.

As an introvert, I value deep conversations, but not many conversations. I get my energy renewed when I am having a conversation that dives into what someone truly feels and thinks. Having a conversation is an investment in you. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that I avoid people; it means that the people that every interaction has the purpose of helping someone else out. My desire to see people be better, and my inclination to engage people primarily when I can help them be better, is a great asset to my business. There aren’t times when I want to talk to people for my own sake. Introversion is always you focused. Always with the purpose of investing some of myself in you.

It is imperative to me that you have your own space, to do what you want to.

There is nothing pushy about the way I approach life. It may seem that I am at times. I am very passionate about specific topics. (Getting your projects done on time is one subject.) I can be loud and tell you that you should change the way you are doing things. At the end of our conversation, I expect that you will do what is best for you. There will be no hurt feelings if you don’t see the world as I do. I don’t need social approval from a broad group of people to keep on going. I would prefer that you go on your path after you have thought about all of the possibilities.

I am not afraid of the loneliness of being a business owner.

Lastly, I have heard that being a business owner is a lonely pursuit. Since I still have a good deal of imposter syndrome, I don’t always see myself as a full business owner. I also don’t feel the loneliness. I can write hundreds of blog posts, put out podcasts that don’t have much traction and develop products that have a little bit of interest but not many sales. The endeavours of building a business or following could be seen as a desert. There aren’t people cheering me every step of the way. But when I hear a word of encouragement or someone who comments on the insight they have received, it is like a being given a litre of cold water while in a dry desert. A single comment or response means I grow and flourish. As an introvert, I can weather the spaces between the growth spurts. I am used to being by myself and don’t need a constant stream of approval or comments to keep on going.

Which is Better, Introverts or Extroverts?

I am an introvert, not an extrovert. There are many advantages that extroverts have in business also. This post isn’t about how being an introvert is better than being an extrovert. This post is about embracing your character and using your disposition to your advantage. If you are an extrovert, embrace this wholeheartedly. Being an introvert can also give you an edge in business.

As an introvert, it may seem that I am quiet and reserved in nature. My introversion is a good thing for business because it helps me make sure that I am putting the customer first. Being an introvert is not a disadvantage in business at all.