I’d Follow You Anywhere

Who do you follow? What brands are you a captive audience of? Who would you follow anywhere? 

When we are in love with someone, we might say, “I’d follow you anywhere.” We hope that our significant other feels the same way. We also say the same thing about brands and leaders that we love. But the truth is that most often we will follow them anywhere that we feel comfortable going. It takes an enormous amount of trust to follow someone anywhere, even when we aren’t sure of the outcome. 

If you really want people to follow you anywhere, they have to trust you. People must believe that:

  1. You will keep them safe
  2. You won’t abandon them if they run into trouble
  3. You will do everything that you can to help them succeed
  4. You both are looking out for them.

The next time you lead a project or try to sell something to a customer, build trust first. Once your stakeholders trust you, they will be willing to follow you anywhere.