If You Want To Be ‘It’, Just Step Up

I was reminded today how easy it is to be the person that people look to. Most of the time, what you need to do is say, “Can I help this way?” and let people decide whether or not they want you to help. 

Today for me, it involved sending an email to do something that no-one else seemed interested in doing. By sending an email, I suddenly because of the perceived ‘leader’ of a simple office practice. The most interesting thing is that because I sent the email, I also got to set the parameters and expectations. Some people liked it; some people didn’t. The interesting part of today’s experience is: 

  1. I would prefer it if someone else sent that email (less work for me.)
  2. The parametres were interesting and intended to test the willingness to participate. But if someone didn’t want to participate, I tried to make that an acceptable option also. But in the end, because I sent the email, I got to define the ‘rules.’ (Which also meant that I could have been pushy or kind. I hope that my approach came across as kind.)
  3. I am not sure how many people recognize that they could be the leader. It merely requires a single email and a conversation with a local store. 

Step Up

I think we miss many opportunities because we don’t step up. Do you want to be a recognized business leader? Step up. Do you want to lead others to a massive impact? Step forward and tell people where you are going. Do you want to be the next [fill-in-the-blank]? Step forward. Pick yourself, don’t wait for other people to pick you.