In Pieces

When you are working on a project, you will often need to work on it in pieces. Your role as a project manager is to consider how all of the pieces will fit together. Whether you are working with a project team of 1000 or the only contributor to the project, someone has to direct the results’ assembly. And this person will likely be you.

As you as completing your project, picture the work as if you are rebuilding an engine. All of the pieces are removed, perhaps re-machined, and then laid out neatly. The pieces are waiting to be re-assembled into the Harley Davidson that will one day rumble with life again.

It doesn’t matter how much you polish the pieces, or how neatly you lay them out on your shop floor. What matters is that you assemble the pieces in the right way. What is important is that you do the work to make something that will operate. Each part must be individually perfect, but it doesn’t matter how perfect any one part is if you can’t put the pieces together.

Concentrate on doing good work on each of the pieces, but your real success will be when you successfully organize those pieces into a working result.