Into The Unknown

Today is an unknown day. You don’t know how it will end, and when you fell asleep last night, you didn’t know how it would start. You have plans and aspirations for today, but exactly how the day will be revealed minute by minute is unknown until it happens.

We all have the ability to deal with the unknown. We can plan and expect a routine, but we know that we will have to adjust our expectations at some point. Things might be better, worse, or different than the plans we had in our heads for today.

Every project is planted on the same principle. You plan and prepare, but when you take the first action, you are stepping into the unknown. Preparation helps you figure out possible responses to what may happen, but it is your human ingenuity that will cause you to succeed. As humans, we can prosper because whether we are navigating the unknown moments of our day, or decade, we are bold and hard-working enough to figure out what has to be done. And then we take action.