Introducing KNIME


Today I want to introduce you to a data analysis tool named KNIME. The first thing that you should know about KNIME is that the name is pronounced “NIME.” The K is silent. 

Next, you should know that KNIME is an amazing platform to load and transform data in any way you want to. We’ll use a list of charities in Canada from 2016 for our example. 

What we will do is: 

  1. Download and install KNIME
  2. Download the charities information
  3. Create a new KNIME workflow. 
  4. Add some nodes (file reader, combine, filter, and output to CSV)

With a few easy steps, I now have a list of just over 10,000 charities with revenue larger than $1 million. Having a list of charities with significant revenue is interesting to know, especially since doing the same work in a spreadsheet would mean doing a lookup and filter on over 80,000 rows. I could easily take the work further and filter on location, name, or charity type. 

The point is: you can do your own analytics. It just takes a dataset, an amazing tool that is offered as open-source, and your curiosity. Who knows what you will find out – go out and explore!