It Ain’t Easy

Imagine yourself pulling up in front of your resort hotel. You will be staying for a week of relaxing on the beach, going for day trips, and enjoyable evening entertainment. A valet comes and takes your bags. The front desk person gets you checked in. As you walk to your room, you take a deep breathe and feel your cares melt away.

Your work will never be like your vacation.

And it shouldn’t be. When you come into work in the morning, you won’t find your cares melting away. You won’t find someone at the door to take care of every little detail for you. You won’t find that all you have do is tell someone what you want and have it appear.

The reason that you work is to move something forward. Your job is to change the world. Whether it is making widgets for 10 hours a day or to trade multi-million dollar companies. At the end of the day, something is different because you put in your work. Where we get confused sometimes is in appearances. The CEO might seem to have someone who takes care of every detail. In reality, that person is taking care of the details so that the CEO is entirely focused on the piece of work that she needs to move forward.

The same is true for yourself. You should certainly strive for more efficiency. You should automate your work and discard practices that don’t add value. You don’t do it to make life easier, but so that you can focus on the core areas that you should be moving forward. If you are in A/P then maybe your focus is accurate transactions and good vendor relations. If you are in marketing, then you can focus on a stronger connection with the customer.

Making work better isn’t that you will be relieved of all effort.

Making work better is about removing obstacles. Think of the barriers that keep you from where you wish you could help others. Then smash those obstructions. Work doesn’t end. You will find that you are focused on your contribution to others, not overcoming obstacles. When you are focused on what you can uniquely give, you will love coming into work. It won’t be a vacation, but it will energize you every day.