It Might Be That Bad

Many of us are optimists. No matter what the current situation looks like, we can see that there is a brighter future. We have the ability to anticipate that things will pick up. 

Even if you are an optimist, you have to look at the worst-case scenario and realize that it might actually be as bad as the pessimists in your life are telling you. It might not be all roses, and there might not be a guaranteed picture-perfect crossing of the finish line. 

In times when it might be as bad as expected, you should challenge yourself with the question, “So what am I going to do about it?”

History is scattered with people who realized how bad it was and then did something good about it. Mother Theresa chose to serve on the streets of Calcutta. Untold numbers of families decided to hide, or aid, Jews during World War II. All the time, people travel to countries to help out. These are people who choose to act, despite how bad it is. These people resolve to fight fear, ignore action paralysis, and choose to take a step forward. 

So my questions for you today: 

  • Is it really that bad? 
  • And if it is that bad, what are you going to do about it?