It’s About You

The best way to understand, and take responsibility for your projects

Completing projects is difficult. Whether you are a soloprenuer, a founder of a startup, or someone working within a massive corporation, many factors can trip you up from finishing your project on time. It is very common to hear about how you need to manage your team and your resources. Your team is critical to you, but it is also vital to understand that the only person that you can control is yourself. (And even that seems questionable sometimes.)

Start by understanding all of the different facets of the project that you can control for yourself. Then take steps to help others to be a part of the project results also. The graphic below shows many of the pressures and influences you have on your life when you are completing a project.

You may not be the person who is doing all of the work, but you are the person who is the connection between all of these related items for the project. Sometimes it feels that you can hand off a piece of work to someone and they should be able to complete it for the project. Someone might complete the task, but they don’t have the central-seat view of the project in the way that you do. You are the centre of the project because you can see it all from a unique position. People completing work contributing your project are also the centre of their project, but no-one else will know the project quite in the way that you do. And you have to act as if you are the only one in the control tower who sees all of the planes landing. It is your job to coordinate and make sure that everything happens perfectly.

No Excuses

Generally people start to give excuses here.
“I can’t complete the project because Joe in accounting hasn’t given me the specs for the invoice import.”
“I won’t be done on time because Sally is late with her work.”

Excuses don’t work when you are in the centre. These might be truths, but you need to figure out how to get over the obstacles. What can you do to make sure that Sally and Joe are completing what needs to be done for the project?

And It Gets More Complex

We have talked about the pressures that you might feel when you are doing a single project. You may have several projects on the go. This makes life even more complicated, with similar pressures in different projects. It becomes even more important to focus on your responsibility when you have so many projects on the go. You are the centre of all of these projects, take charge of making sure that they get done. To achieve success:

  1. Be conscious that the project success is reliant on you.
  2. Work to organize all of the facets that you can see from your unique position to make the project succeed.

Done On Time

Your projects can be done on time. But you need to realize that you are in the centre. You are the linchpin. You are the person to coordinate and control success. And then to report on it once it has been achieved. If it isn’t you, who else is going to do it?