It’s Going To Hurt

It’s going to hurt for a while, but the pain will be worth it.

I recently gave up drinking coffee. The purpose of my abstinence was to extract myself from the caffeine addiction that I knew that I had. If you have ever had to give up on caffeine, smoking, unhealthy eating, or any other addiction, you know that there is a lot of pain associated with your quitting. With caffeine, there are headaches and a foggy brain. With smoking, there is a constant craving, and the inability to focus on anything. Life can be difficult for a while during the transition period. But slowly, your body adjusts to a new reality. And after a few weeks or months, you see that the new way is healthier and better for you.

It’s Going to Hurt, For a While

You have to remember that the same kind of pain is going to happen any time you have a major change. Whether at home or in your organization, change is going to cause discomfort and pain. If you implement a strict project management discipline, people aren’t going to like it. They are going to feel that the new structure is rigid and has too much “micro-management.” But once you get past the initial pain, people will start to see that it works, and relax into the process. Similarly, if you require your employees to start using a key-fob to get into the building, they aren’t going to like it at first, but they will enjoy the benefits of added security when they get used to it.

The key is that you have to stick with your plan long enough to see the benefit. Don’t quit when you feel the pain. Don’t stop when the pain becomes unbearable; keep on going. Don’t worry about whether the pain will kill you. Rarely does the pain kill you, most of the time, it is the underlying injury. If you are clear and passionate about the change that you are making, then be willing to suffer for it.

It’s going to hurt for a while, but the pain will be worth it.